Year beast brawl matchmaking

year beast brawl matchmaking - So i decided to sit down and think what was wrong with this event and found some convincing reasons to avoid looking for a match during the ten-minute period when the beasts are awake:The team with the most ability points is going to win: usually, you are matched agaist players with the same mmr as yours, or close to it, which means that winning a normal game depends on your skill. Bloom : they went further with the points, now it was really important to have a lot of them if you wanted to win something, didn't really like it (huge beast with lots of hp, takes forever to kill, just like rosh in the first diretide event), learning the patern of the beast to doge its attacks was fun though. Gold[–]a-for-effort 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (0 children)i got super excited about this event when i saw the trailer for it, the whole "this time we won't fight the year beast, we will capture it" thing sounded really cool, i thought maybe valve were even gonna make a totally brand new hero or something. Year beast brawls occur at random times during the day, but when they’re active, i can’t play a regular unranked match that doesn’t include them — so even though it’s an additive game mode, it actually prevents me from finding the game i wish to play.

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