Who is carlos slim helu dating

- As the telegraph reports, “the reach of his dominion is so large that the average mexican will wake up on sheets bought from a slim-owned store; buy their morning bread from a slim-owned bakery; and drive to work in a slim-insured car …”. Fact, slim has no need to cater to public opinion; his wealth has granted him political influence to the extent that, for the most part, the mexican government turns a blind eye to the dominance he has over the telecom industry. Instead, the italian icon accepted the invitation of mexican tycoon carlos slim helú to attend the inauguration of an art exhibit entitled "sophia loren mexico: yesterday, today & tomorrow" at the soumaya museum, the world's richest man's private art museum. Slim helu, mexico's wealthiest man and one of the richest self-made billionaires in the world, flies under the radar more than you might expect, considering he owns more than 200 companies in mexico, which is also known as "slimlandia.

Carlos Slim on Business, Investing and Entrepreneurship

An interview with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. In this interview Carlos covers many topics but mostly focuses on business and ...