Web series about online dating

dating disasters web series - In addition to its timely mockery of publications that put out think pieces not grounded in reality—such as jezebel’s attack on the daily show for not employing enough women—vag magazine plays up the ivory-tower nature of print journalism—and though its pace can be slow at times, the series has panache. Whether they’re judging hipsters at mccarren park or dating guys for their washer-dryers, the fictional abbi and ilana make cheerful and companionable guides whose imperfections have endeared them to more viewers than just us; since being picked up by comedy central, the duo have skyrocketed to the top of the comedy world. Closest thing to a full-on televised serial that the web has been able to dream up thus far, the guild’s six seasons follow the interpersonal entanglements of an online gamers’ group and boast quirky yet complex characters, engaging plotlines and ex–star trekker wil wheaton as a bad guy. In 2010, the local-news–oriented “bed intruder song” became the flash point that led to spin-off series songify this, which creates melodies based on viral videos by stars such as charlie sheen and random uploaders like the guy who saw a double rainbow all the way across the sky.

LoveFail ~ A Web Series About Online Dating ~ Pilot Episode

LoveFail.com is a comedic web series about the awkward world of online dating. For anyone who has used a dating site, who ...