Tips for dating a catholic man

- I am engaged to a “cc” im not catholic, not really i was baptized but decided to embrace my fathers jewish roots when i was 15 and now im just a…well a nothing i don’t care so long as religion doesn’t take away my rights to abort a fetus, take birth control, etc so i know all too well of what you speak. In his own bloodline christ jesus had a number of women who were not born jews, but i do appreciate greatly why jews and catholics alike have always encouraged the members of their communities to marry within the faith; simply to safeguard against the dangers that can occur in a religiously mixed marriage, especially concerning the raising of children. Those of you who are considering dating someone outside the faith take heed because, just like this ex-indifferent catholic experienced, you will be put to the test and if in the end you cleave to the rock your faith will become an issue big enough to separate you two (and rightly so, if you are dating that is). This is probably one of the more difficult questions, but prior to having your marriage approved the catholic partner will be asked to be faithful to his or her faith and to “promise to do all in his or her power” to have their children baptized and raised in the catholic faith.

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