The timeout global dating survey

time out global dating survey results - For us brits, the survey failed to narrow down the results to exactly which sort of british accent it is that gets people all hot and steamy under the collar, but we're assuming it a hugh grant-style "received pronunciation" rather than a friendly "geordie" one. The results come from the time out global dating survey 2015, which asked 11,000 people from 12 cities around the world to name the "most dateable accent other than their own. ‘British’ leaves ‘American’ a distant second in survey as ‘most dateable accent’ but are we talking Sir Roger Moore, Sean Bean, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Rory McIlroy? Time out survey found that paris, ultimately, was the best city for dating, although the french accent was only fifth on the sexiest accents list.

Survey Says British Accent Is The Most Attractive In The World

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the results of The Time Out Global Dating Survey have been released, and it turns out that Brits ...