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- Is believed by the devotees that the goddess has enormous powers over curing illnesses and hence, it is a ritual to buy small metallic replicas, made with silver or steel, of various body parts that need to be cured, and these are deposited in the donation box. It is often referred to as the manchester of south india due to its growing commercial importance, coimbatore situated in western end of tamil nadu and is well connected by road, rail and air with major towns and cities in india. The city is one of the holiest hindu char dham shrines that has to be visited in one's lifetime and this island temple is connected by the scenic pamban bridge over the sea for 2. To the temple's website, srirangam can be considered the biggest functioning hindu temple in the world, as it covers an area of about 631,000 square metres (6,790,000 sq ft) with a perimeter of 4 km (10,710 ft).

2 Private Bus Race at Highway in Coimbatore: Drivers Arrested

Two private bus drivers arrested for over-speeding in Coimbatore | Puthiya Thalaimurai impact Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai ...