Sewer hookup spokane valley

spokane valley sewer hookup contractors - The contractor/property owner must go to the spokane county public utilities building (4th floor) to obtain a sewer connection permit (valid for one year) and schedule a date with the spokane county utilities division (509-477-7529) to have an inspector visit the site and inspect the completed connection and septic tank abandonment. The issue became a political football in this year’s spokane county commissioner race, as al french justified pushes for an extension of urban growth boundaries north of spokane as an effort to bring sewer lines to areas where aging septic tanks could be seeping into the little spokane river. Officials at the spokane neighborhood action program eventually pointed him in the direction of the spokane conservation district, which has recently received grant money from the state ecology department offering low-interest loans to county homeowners who own aging or failing septic systems. Melanie tyler, who helps oversee similar projects to repair and replace failing septic systems statewide, said the spokane program is a relatively new addition to a trend that dates back more than two decades.

16. How to hook up your RV Sewer Hose

How to drain your RV Sewer House the right without any problems!!