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- Koreans are generally open about dating and are more willing to approach commercial agencies, said mrs teo, who oversees population matters and is on a week-long trip to south korea and denmark to study how each country encourages marriage and parenthood. Agency success story which mrs teo cited in her post is that of newly-married ms kim minhye, 34, who is pursuing a phd in sociology at the national university of singapore and shuttles back and forth between korea and singapore. I was looking for something more and wanted someone to share my dreams with," said ms kim of her decision to sign up with a dating agency in south korea about two years ago. Reference to this, mrs teo said in her facebook post: "dating 'gangnam style' may be deliberate but still fairly cheerful and relaxed, and very often aided by family, friends or professionals.

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There are so many senior dating sites out there! But, which one is the best? This is one of the questions that I posed to dating ...