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sophia my kitchen rules dating - Of action: seen with his my kitchen rules partner matt, rob hemsworth made a move on one of his competitors' sisters the 20-year-old explained that the pair met during her mum vicky's instant restaurant in adelaide - the episode has yet to air - and that 'there was definitely a twinkle in his eye. Kitchen headquarters isn't big enough for two roberts, or the producers can't be stuffed making the distinction anymore – either way, there'll only be one robert (or rob) left in the competition after tonight's "sudden death" cook-off. My kitchen rules' rob - 31-year-old cousin of the famous acting brothers chris, liam and luke - is a case in point, with ok! ' my kitchen rules contestant celine reveals rob hemsworth whipped out his business card and told her older sister evonne to 'call me' while filming.

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Chris Hemsworth cousin, Rob is on this year's My Kitchen Rules.