Politically conservative dating sites

republican conservative dating site - Whether you're planning to flee the homeland or stay and fight for progressive/conservative/middlin' values, these platforms want to ensure you'll find that special chemistry to keep you going long after election day:If this election season has left you fantasizing about the possibilities of a less polarized and more publically subsidized life up north, maple match may be just the app to make your commonwealth dreams a reality. If the idea of coming across a republican or democrat or socialist or independent curls your toes (and not in the good way) here are four politically-minded dating sites that could be for you:Wanna score with someone who feels the bern as much as you do? "whether your hashtag is #imwithher or #imwithhim," the site explains, "the candidate dating app can help you find someone in your local area who shares your views on core issues like the environment, the economy, gun reform, abortion, gay rights and more. Online dating site promising a “lib free” dating pool is ramping up just in time for valentine’s day and promises users a diverse mix of conservative mates who don’t fall into the stereotype of “stodgy, over the hill people.

Finding Mr. Righteous: Lisa De Pasquale on Dating Conservative Men

Given the overabundance of men who show up, says Lisa De Pasquale, the odds are good for women trying to find a date at the ...