Penn dayton badgley dating history

penn dayton badgley dating history - Archiveadvertisement - continue reading belowfor six seasons on the cw's gossip girl, penn badgley's dan humphrey, the do-good, earnest writer otherwise known as lonely boy, was the soap's moral center (such as it had one)—that is, until the series finale, when it was revealed that humphrey was all along our titular tattler. It seems in real life, love for these two actors was a totally different story, with ed and jessica dating on and off again throughout the entire filming run of the show! All know that the upper east siders from gossip girl have a complicated romantic history, but it’s pretty clear who truly belongs with who in these new york teen romances. Leighton meester, as blair waldorf, was more renowned for dating nate and chuck on gossip girl, she did briefly date the crafty older prince of the upper east side, carter baizen.

Blake Lively Ex-Penn Badgley Reacts To Ryan Reynolds Marriage: ENTV

Before Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met/moved in together/married, the Gossip Girl star dated co-star Penn Badgley. A lot of ...