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dating site advanced search -   while the desktop version doesn’t fully explain the point system without some hefty research, the mobile version of the site zones in on it, with a section explaining points earned (along with a very detailed chart explaining how to earn them), and points redeemed, with a separate chart displaying what you can redeem them for, which include actions on the site such as highlighting your profile, free months of membership, and even tangible items such as t-shirts and a sexy slave(r) massager. ’s easy to do a lot on the site in very little time, but luckily your activity doesn’t get too confusing or overwhelming as nearly every action you take is recorded and neatly organized in your my stuff section. With ‘top’ or hottest member ratings changing constantly based on votes, and new members joining daily, the site won’t fail to keep you entertained, whether it’s your first time logging on ever, or first time this hour. The site is developed to be as easy to use as possible so that you don't waste time that you could spend going on dates and having fun with the singles that you meet off of the site.

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