Online dating site for ghosts

- According to an interview that cosmpolitan conducted with creator the amazing kreskin (a renowned mentalist, and yes, that is his name), the way the dating site works is simple: you just fill out a form detailing your areas of supernatural interest or describing something otherworldly that you experienced, and anyone with a similar enthusiasm can contact you to discuss. Site is free (good luck getting a ghost to pay you for anything – i learned that one the hard way back in my twenties), and other than it almost being halloween, i have no idea why this site exists other than as a joy-bringer of sorts. According to the website, the society was created for singles who "would like nothing more than to meet other people with whom they can discuss their thoughts, beliefs and experiences without compromise. You’re signed up – assuming you’re a ghost, of course – you can search for other ghosts based on their sex, age and how they died (horribly, mysteriously, tragically or suddenly).

Dating Website Established for Ghosts

In one of the online world's newest dating venture, ghosts are the target customers. It really doesn't matter what type of men or ...