Online dating makes me depressed

online dating is making me depressed - Solution is to take down my profile, email the people i’m corresponding with that my life has become a little busy and i’ll get back to them soon (at the risk that they may find someone else in the meantime), and focus on my life outside of dating. The rewards to twofold: the dating pool had changed in the time i was gone, and a bunch of new guys had posted profiles; and because my profile was “new,” it moved to the top of the search list garnering me a lot more hits. You are an emotionally healthier individual and thus, a healthier and more attractive dating partner when you stop placing excessive value and pressure on the situation, the guy, and even yourself through the expectations and high standards that you have created in your mind. While i’m aware dating is a often a numbers game and that going on more dates can increase your chances of finding a good match, sometimes i just need to take myself out of the game entirely for a month or two.

How women make online dating impossible

MGTOW & MRA video discussion of why women have made online dating into a useless pursuit.This also leads one to see why ...