Online dating evolutionary psychology

online dating evolutionary psychology - “it was a very exciting time because up until that moment, in the ’70s and ’80s, people had been seen more or less as unique and apart from the biological world, but the unification of human social behavior with darwinian psychology or darwinian evolution was very exciting because it held the promise of illuminating human behavior with the same theories that have been so useful in understanding non-human behavior,” he said. “my research is formed by what we know about human evolution and what we know about how the mind works in general, the kind of adaptive problems our ancestors had to face, so i think about humans as just another animal whose behavior is amenable from an evolutionary point of view,” he said. Published more than 100 papers and been cited more than 6,000 times, it’s hard to say which part of kurzban’s extensive work history is the most influential, but his research about speeding dating is a great place to start. The help of commercial speed dating firm hurrydate, kurzban and his colleagues studied data from more than 10,000 singles in their 20s, 30s and 40s who participated in speed dating events across the united states.