My ex dating someone else want him back

ex wants me back after dating someone else - Years with my ex bf bt currently he suddenly sent me a msg that he has left me i was super shocked bcoz he didnt discuss anything abt any problm i used to thought we were happy bcoz he didn’t complaint abt anything than i asked him to proove me that he is in relationhe sent me their chat screenshot i still didnt believe than he made a call to me n his new gf told me that i am his gf now i hope u believe i believed bt than he asked me to remain frnd i was like ok ok bt than i called him to meet me he agreed i asked abt how they went n relation after listening everything i lost my temper n i hitted him very badly (my biggest mistake m so guilty abt it coz i nvr thought i would do this ) while he is very agressive bt still he didnt say a single word only that sorry n he told me that i m responsible for this brkup i was so hurt i cried alot he continually looked at me than i said i will block u n i came out of car bt he followed me for a while than said why r u going like this he was sweating so much i said nothing bt only that i cant believe it n after coming home i blocked himbt i could nt control my anger n here i did wht i should nt i msged his new gf unblocked him n msged him he got angry that cant u give us peace n all bt i want him backcoz i love him so much is there any chance? Dated this guy for a year but we broke up because of me being unsure and scared of us getting caught ( my parents don’t allow me to date and would punish me severely if i was to be caught) but we didn’t stop talking ever we didn’t go out again officially but we were still sort of together and then i developed feelings for his friend who i wanted to like me back but honestly thinking about that i only wanted that for validation purposes and didn’t actually want to be with him my ex got really sad but never really told me about anything he still looked happy and we kissed and everything like that in secret but then he cheated on me with a girl he hasn’t met but only talks to on skype he says he loves me but not like that and he wants to date her but they’re young and have no means of closing the distance for at least a few years so is it really worth it. When he left i got a temporary job in my city while still looking for a job in his city , i kept talking to him casually as if nothing happened and as a friend for some months then i started the nc after 2 weeks he texted me asking for my news and asked me how my job search in his city is going, i still haven’t managed to get a job there as it’s very competitive then he said that he is sure i am going to be happy and find a good job … i then started to talk to him again more often as a friend asking him for advices etc and he always replied sometimes i just send him pics of something he likes and that reminded me of him … i wanted to visit his city and he said that he can offer me his couch whenever i wanted and that he can even leave me his apartment when he will travel this month. But as soon as he got back to his town he stopped calling me i was always initiating the call … i finished my degree and came back to my city and he again wanted to break up as i couldn’t find a job in his city and he couldn’t stand the long distance even if i am closer now but we again decided to make it work and we traveled together weeks after that we were really good until he came to visit me and said that we had a great time but that his feelings dropped as we don’t see each other a lot, he said that we may get back together someday if we were still single and in the same city but that for now he doesn’t want a virtual life and his feelings are not strong enough to make it work.

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Is Dating Someone Else

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