I ve been dating my girlfriend for 5 months

dating my girlfriend for 5 months - Am from philippines but living in germany and i have been dating my girlfriend since last 3 years, she lives in poland and i visit every month to poland to meet her, i lived in uk for 4 years but left uk and moved to germany because my girlfriend wanted me to live in schengen country so that i no need to get visa to visit poland so i choose germany as it is rich country and i can able to support my poor parents in phillipines. Because im always with him and i dont have the time of day to do it okay and before him i had sex like 5 to 6 months before him so there would have been no way i would have cheated aand i used protected sex with everyone ive had sex with and that was 5 ppl willingly the first time having sex was rape. It was quickly shot down with the reasoning of, “it’s a girl’s weekend”, “i’m going to comfort a friend” (who mind you would have been broken up for months by the time my girlfriend makes it there this summer), and the final reason of “she only invited me, and i don’t want to make her a third wheel”. With my boyfriend , he was far for 4 months and he told is living with another guy,when i get suspicious for like a month ,he finally told me is living with his instructor which is a girl ,they are together most of the day but he says there is no physical thing!

You've Been Dating For 6 Months and There Have Been No Fights Or Arguments

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