How often should i text a guy i m dating

how often should i text a guy i'm dating - Was friend with becia my friend i was not friend with mary so mary was dating a guy and the guy had a cousin oversea so wen the cousin cam he ask mary to look a girl for him even her friend so mary told bercia she accepted cos he was a nice guy but they have never seen each other and they where in different town so when the guy wanted to meet her barcia call me that she cannot came i pass like her cos i was in same town with the guy so she gave the guy my number that her number will not be passing but he can contact him with this number which was mind so we started chatting and i went and see him i did not like him as we discause i felt something for the guy we even kiss that day since my life i have never feel something for a guy like this but he knew it was bercia and the next day he was going back but we never had sex he went back we were still chatting and we were dating so one morning i told him the truth that am not bercia told him every thing he said why i didnt tell him he said is ok i told my friend am dating the guy she didnt care cos she had a guy and she told me i should go on so we chat everyday talk everything he was going to come back after four month to see me that what we plan so when he was in the country i told him that i had friends in his country so he ask me to give him theirs number i refuse cos i know my friends they can do what ever it takes to get a man so we started having problems cos of that i explain to him i dont trust my friends he said is ok we were fine so one day he still instead i refuse he was angry i love this guy do much i really love him so we stop chatting i was writing him he stay before he reply but i never give up cos i love him he wrote bercia so she told me i felt bad cos he was not writing me and i was sick i told him he did not care he wrote bercia and ask her how she was and school. Elaborate more, there is another guy comes in lounge i know him through my boyfriend, i and my boyfriend in stage of breakup because it cant work out and major reason which he doesn’t know is i have madly ,deeply fallen for the other guy who comes in apache lounge, i know him last one year on /off , he had breakup with his girl friend and now he just come there to get drunk,, i have developed a deep feelings for him , i have not felt this way for any one ,as we grow old we see all the aspects of relation which can end up in marriage, i know this is the guy i can be with him, and for this i confessed him my feelings a month ago, for which he said he don’t want to get indulged as he said he never had such feelings as he always respected me as his friends girl friend to which i cleared that we are no more dating and i also told him this something which has not developed not in a day or two but its being in my heart from few month but i too wanted to give time to this …. Week sunday, i texted him a happy easter and his texted me that to, then at 12:56pm, i sent him a video of my son doing his recitation at church and from that he stopped texting and calling me, for four days, during that time i was texting him, but he wasn’t responding to me only until i said to him, if i can’t get through to you, i am gt to come to your house, he texted me back and said that he was at work and that i don’t need to go to his house, so i wanted answer and i kept on texting him and he told me not to text him while at work, cause that day he was working with his manager and that’s a new job he started. Accuse him of thinking of going back to his ex girlfriend for baby mother, he said that i was jumping to conclusion that why he didn’t respond back, i was so mad with him, i need to take a day break from texting him to get my fought together, then it hit me, somethink told me to look at my email, and i had remembered that i sent him a video of my son in church, so i texted him and told him that i was sorry for doing that, i was just so proud of my son and that i wanted to share that with him, it was an innocent thing, then i told him don’t think i was pushing my children on you, cause i wasn’t.

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