Hook up telephone wires outside

hook up old telephone wires - !Most telephone wiring in residential co applications is very straight forward, you can buy a 2-line rj11 plug checker from radio shack with colour indicator on it for about 5-6 bucks, anyhow buy a cheap toner set at home depo , which is basically transmission, of a tone down the wire to the end , and comes with an amplified probe that finds the last point of the transmitted tone ! You have a land line phone (btw- "land line" is not a dirty word) there is probably a gray colored box on the outside of your house which will probably is labeled "telephone network interface" and there is probably a "customer access" side which is is probably labeled "customer access", as shown in the video. To find an imeiinterlatatl1 (transaction language 1)imei (international mobile equipment identity)scm: station class markhow to fool caller idtypes of mobile telephone systemsis-95: cdmaground starthow to activate a verizon phonepay as you go cell phonescell phone manualsblackberry pinhow to reduce conference call noiseclli codesmosquito ringtonehow to dial a dsn numberis war dialing illegal? !I have knocked my surface mounted telephone socket of the wall and the cables have become disconnected, i have managed to reconnect the wires but i have a problem and that is when i have an incomming/outgoing call the phone does not disconnect…any ideas pleases.

New telephone line wire run from outside service box to inside, repair landline, THE TRUTH, CAT3

This video shows several things, but mainly it shows how to replace an old phone wire running from the phone box (service box) ...