Hmong dating the same last name

dating someone same last name - If she chooses to remarry outside of her deceased husband's clan, her children are not required to stay with the clan unless a member of the clan (usually the deceased husband's brother or a male cousin of the same last name) is willing to take care of the children. Have been dating a hmong man x4months and he is married and has been for 18yrs but loves me and his wife and wants 2 marry me and keep his wife i told him he has 2 choose and this is america i can't move in with his family ? I believe i am to meet with them soon and i want to be as respectful as possible, but honestly with all the research i’ve done and their misgivings about me dating their son, i have no idea how to go about it. The children can choose to belong to their stepfather's clan (by accepting his surname, his family spirits, and relatives) or they can choose to remain with their original clan (the family, spirits, and relatives of their deceased father).

When Hmong People Trying To Date The Same Last Name

When You Tryna Date Someone With The Same Last Name Hahaha, we all know someone like this and if you don't then that ...