He is dating someone like me

he's dating someone like me - And today in spanish we were working by eachother and someone said something and he laughed really loud and turned a little in my direction… like i said i really like him and i want to talk to him but not in person but i dont have a facebook…i’m not allowed ti have one but he has one… when ever he looks at me to like pass papers to me he smiles really big and when i talked to him he was smiling really big and looked at me for a really long time then i ackwardly was like ok never mind then but thanks anyways… and he seemed more interested since but idk…should i talk to him but like what should i talk about i dont know what to do i’ve never liked anyone like this even the guy i asked out for 4 periods at school then kinda freaked out and broke up with him…but we are best friends… but i like this guy more than the other guy and i asked the other guy out but i freeze around him… idk wut to do please help! New bill would officially classify "stealthing" as sexual assaultsex & relationshipsmadison medeiros10 hours ago9 people share their funniest postpartum sex storiesmothershipsophie saint thomas13 hours agohow to recover from a fight with your live-in partner relationship advicecory stieg14 hours agothis catchy song explores the fascinating history of dragsex & relationshipsrachel selvindec 19, 201628 detailed sexual fantasies better than fifty shades of greysex & relationshipssophie kreitzberg15 hours agowhy dev's opening line on dating apps is so brilliantdating advicecory stieg16 hours agoscore 0 toward your nonprofit of choice — by tweetingpaid contentallie briggsmar 7, 2017the sex toy that'll make your orgasms so much strongersex & relationshipskathryn lindsay17 hours agoi can orgasm without my genitals being touched — am i a freak? I really like him but he gives me these weird mixed signals… he’ll either be commenting on how beautiful i am, kiss me on the cheek, and hold my hand, and will stare at me and won’t break eye contact unless i do or he’ll be talking about his current relationship (he wants to break up with her now)/girls he could be interested in and if someone brings up that we’d be “a cute couple”/”we have to get married” he will blush/get shy and say that we’re just great friends that love each other. . in our complex there was a small bar where everyone went to with two working bar men called erhan and ozi now ozi is 27 and erhan is 38 while i was over the bar ozi was looking at me up and down then hugged me, then another day he was staring in my eyes and i kept looking away because i always feel uncomfertable when someone stares at me in the eyes he told me to not be afraid and look in his eyes and he had a wierd look on his face like he liked me.

Does This Guy Like Me Or Is He Using Me Until He Finds Someone Better?

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