Does online dating work for asian guys

does online dating work for short guys - In cameroon we absolutely don’t have seniors home…because no one wants his parents to end up alone in those places…furthermore we live in community, we don’t have any problem living with others family’s members…and we also need parent’s approvai to get marry…some people discare it when they don’t agree to the marriage , but it’s still important for us…and when some woman get married to a man, she’s also the whole family’s wife…so even if the man died, she can remain in the family as long as she wants…and the family, especially her husband’s siblings should take care of her and her children if she can’t herself…after all she’s also the family’s wife…as a cameroonian woman attracted to asians i’m proud of my choice…. A white guy was so emotional that he wrote me an angry rant trying to both impress and insult “i drive three cars and i go on many vacations and maybe you could enjoy this if you werent a stuck up closed minded cunt and liked white guys” mind you, my ad didn’t mention white men once besides saying that i was experienced dating men from all backgrounds, black, white, native american, hispanic, and that of all the men ive dated, i had the most pleasant experience with asian men and want to continue exploring that avenue. I had dozens pouring into 100+ emails from white males sending me dick pics as if this was going to make me reconsider my attraction for asian men, and making penis jokes that i know from experience are false i had white men write me long emotional rants, call me racial slurs, and call asian men “chinks”, white males were even pretending to be asian just to insult me or say “i’m asian, and i’m offended that your dating ad doesn’t include all races. , with the dating site i am going to build for asian males, since i can already predict that white men will try to flood it out of their sense of entitlement, you can’t make an account unless you are an asian man, and if someone reports that you aren’t really asian, this will violate the site’s guidelines and they will have their account deleted and e-mail banned.