Do guys on tinder just want to hook up

do guys on tinder only want to hook up - Can all agree that tinder is not the best platform for getting to know someone, but for the love of god, if he’s trying to meet up with you before he even knows your name, he’s most definitely not envisioning a meetup at starbucks for coffee and good conversation. Is why, on tuesday, when tinder unleashed a tweetstorm aimed at vanity fair author nancy jo sales, who recently published a story about tinder and the outsized role it plays in what she calls the “dating apocalypse,” i kind of understood why the company was so upset. Sales’ story presents the most salacious side of tinder—the side where wall street types use the app to sleep with dozens of women a month and where unsuspecting girls are bombarded with the kind of vulgarity that doesn’t need to be repeated. That means there are likely millions of scumbags, millions of prudes, millions of perfectly normal single people, millions of cheaters, millions of people who just want to check it out, millions of people with millions of reasons for signing up.

9 Signs He ONLY Wants to Hook Up

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