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dating your divorce lawyer - The hippocratic oath, written about 2,500 years ago, forbids physicians from having sexual relations with any patients or even family members of patients… the american medical association, the american psychiatry association, the american psychological association, the national association of social workers, the american counseling association, and even the national certification board for therapeutic massage and bodywork all strictly forbid their members from having sexual relations with clients/patients under any circumstance. Is a temptation that seems to be irresistible to many, with legion stories cataloging bad behavior and worse– everything from the divorce lawyer who got caught in the courthouse literally with his pants down with his mentally unstable client seeking custody of her three kids to the criminal lawyer who "loved" her poor, black diminished capacity client onto death row and a lethal injection. Conflict of interest: current clients declares it unethical to accept a client when…     (a) (2) there is a significant risk that the representation of one or more clients will be materially limited by the lawyer’s responsibilities to another client, a former client or a third person or by a personal interest of the lawyer.   even "the good wife," one of the best portrayals of the legal workplace to hit tv, took on the subject last year when diane lockhart of lockhart & gardner took as a client her flirty ballistics expert and then proceeded, between protestations about ethics, to take him as a lover as well.

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http://www.MNFamilyMatters.com Minnesota Divorce Lawyer M. Sue Wilson discusses dating while divorcing. There is no fault ...