Dating someone with a chronic disease

dating with a chronic disease - If i really like someone, i will tell them about my illness on our first date as a way of taking a stand for myself, like how i also now tell my first dates that i'm looking for a serious relationship, the kind that leads to marriage and kids (also another of the expert's no-no's that "make good men run. Because i knew he had seen that post, instead of giving him one of my vague "health reasons" explanations, i told him it's because i have lyme disease, that alcohol and lyme don't mix well, and that lyme was why i was moving back to san francisco, where my parents could help me out and where my doctor was. "advertisement - continue reading belowafter we ordered, he asked me politely about the reason for my dietary restrictions, and instead of evading the question with a vague reference to "health issues," i told him that i have lyme disease and have been seriously ill for the last three-plus years. Whether it's retrieving a bottle of water from the bar for me or sitting beside me in the ems truck and holding my hand, i want to make sure that i'm in the company of someone who will have my best interest at heart at all times.

Tips For Dating While You're Chronically Ill

A lot of us with chronic illness feel uncomfortable with dating because we're literally sick and tired, but also because we tend to be ...