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dating singles salad rmx index - , earlier studies have shown that salmonella are so powerfully attracted to salad leaf and root juices that they can find their way into the plant vasculature during the salad plant’s germination, and once inside, there is no way to wash them out, said freestone. Surprisingly, the normal microbial flora on salad leaves did not respond to leaf juices, suggesting that the leaf juices give salmonella a marked advantage in colonizing salad leaves as compared to competing bacteria, according to the report. Coli 01:24story highlightscases have turned up in colorado, montana, utah and washington if you have chicken salad with item number 37719 on the container, throw it away (cnn)health investigators confirm a handful of cases of e. “we wanted to investigate what happens to salmonella in a bag of salad to better understand the potential risks to consumers and inform future research on reducing attachment of this pathogen to salad leaves.