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dating antique sewing machines singer -   moreover, finding a rogue 221, for example, in a batch of 50,000 99k machines simply tells us there were some featherweights within that group of numbers -- it doesn't help us to know with which number the group started or ended or how many 221 machines were involved.   in other words, if you indeed have a featherweight model but the serial number is not found or is inconclusive, it just means that singer somehow missed the recording of it, the records were lost or the number was somehow misapplied to the wrong batch. 221 Serial Numbers, Dating a Singer FeatherweightAlthough they are often found at garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales with very low price tags, there are several models of antique singer sewing machines that are highly sought after by collectors.   for additional reference and a few more dates for those later year machines, however, we have included some dating records, sourced from jj & leo's featherweight 221 factory site as well as singersewinginfo.

Singer 99 Sewing Machine in Action.mpg

This is just a little video demo of my Singer 99. I show how to thread it and wind a bobbin, the back and underside. Read more ...