Dating pyrex nesting bowls

dating pyrex primary bowls - A vintage pyrex coffee pot made as a promotional item for maxwell house, some veggies that i will eventually eat (except for the rutabagas, i have never had one in my life but the can was pretty), a special chair that my grandaddy made for me before he passed away, a shoney’s big boy bank, some baking soda…. Some of my sets may have four or five to a set so i’d use the left one for that, and sometimes, if i need them to sit even closer, i use one of these bowls without the lid on it so they only have an inch or so rise. , with the larger sets, you may have to use a small container in the larger bowls and graduate to a smaller container for the top bowl, too, so i like to get all three sizes to have on hand whenever i’m working on a display. I discovered pyrex in drawers, on shelves, in boxes, under my guest bed, in cabinets, stacked under tables from the last photo shoot, and even in a tower of boxes that were just shipped back from a photo shoot for my next book.

Counting Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls - Junkman THRIFTS

Out thrifting and noticed I high volume of Pyrex 400 series mixing bowls also know as 'Primary Color bowls. Someone must think ...