Dating mesa boogie serial numbers

dating mesa boogie serial numbers - Of the more notable amps in the series was built in 1977, with serial number a804: this is the amp built for keith richards, the first one in a long collaboration between smith and the rolling stones, a collaboration which started somewhat inauspiciously when the stones manager asked smith for some free amps ("we're the rolling stones; we don't pay for amps"), and smith refused. The mark i had two channels: the "input 2" channel, voiced like the fender bassman, and the high gain "input 1" channel, which produced the overdriven "boogie lead" sound used most notably by carlos santana on abraxas, and by the rolling stones' keith richards and ron wood, who used the amps live and in the studio from 1977 until 1993. Smith began mesa/boogie with a practical joke: he borrowed a fender princeton (a small 12-watt amplifier) from his friend, barry melton of country joe and the fish, and "hotrodded" it by replacing the amplifier section with a powerful fender bassman amp and installing a 12-inch speaker instead of the original 10-inch. More importantly, it marked the introduction of mesa/boogie's "simul-class" system, where two of the power tubes (always 6l6s) run in class ab pentode while the other two tubes (either 6l6s or el34s) run in class a triode.

1974 Mesa Boogie Mark I SERVICE & DEMO (Carlos Santana Amp!)

One of the first Mesa/Boogie amps ever made! "A" Serial number from 1974. Randall Smith was still working on, building, and ...