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saudi arabia dating rules - But if you can survive on the roads and laugh at the racetrack-approach to driving: the reversing at speed, the overtaking left and right and the total non-use of indicators, then you might find saudis are friendly, generous and hospitable people and not like the stereotypes you might have been presented with. And lookng for hunting opposite gender and begging any stranger man/women for date is the worst thing a normal person can imagine but it is quite common in arabian culture where even though people do multiple marriages and women got married in teenage or in early 20’s. It’s actually very sad to hear about how young saudi’s are in supposedly the most islamic country, where islam was founded by our prophet (saw), and yet men and women still try to find ways around the strict rules so they can date and do haram. I’m not saying saudi should become like the west, because that’s not islamic and not good either, but i do think women should be less viewed as “forbidden fruit” and more as a person with more than just her looks and sexuality.

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This is a CALL for Christians to pray for the students and young people in Saudi Arabia.