Dating french mantel clocks

dating french carriage clocks - Of clocks illustrated glossary learn more about clock types identifying the maker using trademarks and trade names using patent marks active dates of known clockmakers dating clocks general facts to know dating clocks by style dating clocks by maker's name dating clocks by labels and trademarks dating clocks by serial number dating clocks by patent number tips on buyingand selling clocks what it's worth: different types of values should you get an appraisal? Buying tips selling tips clock classifieds history of clocksand clockmakers a short history of clockmaking individual clockmakersand companies bibliographic resources additional resourcesand links links categories wood identification guide bookstore clock repair clock history clock parts and supplies clock keys mechanical movements quartz movements repair tools. No clue what it is or how old what i know about old clocks would fit in the thimble of turpentine that i was told to put in the bottom of the clock to lubricate the works? Mantle clock silk thread movement  hello i purchased a french clock, with silk thread movement, it is a mantle clock and comes in two parts, it is guilded, it only has numbers on the movement, ….

French Black Marble Antique 1880 "Japy" Mantel Clock T-18443 WEBO

A classical French mantel clock has a black marble case and bronze mounts. Dating from about 1880, there are small chips at the ...