Dating epiphone sheraton ii

dating epiphone sheraton ii - Some specific examples of gibson-era epiphone instruments from this period includes the epiphone sheraton (co-developed with the gibson es-335 & sharing its semi-hollow body, but with, epiphone's pre-gibson "frequensator" tailpiece and "new york" mini-humbucker pick-ups, and significantly fancier inlays) and sheraton ii (replacing the frequensator with gibson's "stop-bar" tailpiece), the epiphone casino (similar to the gibson es-330), the epiphone cortez (similar to the gibson b-25), the epiphone olympic special (similar to the gibson melody maker), the epiphone sorrento (similar to the gibson es-125tc, except for a few cosmetic changes), and the epiphone texan (similar to the gibson j-45, apart from a change in scale-length). [citation needed] gibson and epiphone guitars all use titebond resin glue, which is simple carpenters' wood glue, and were finished in hard, quick-to-apply polyester resin rather than the traditional nitro-cellulose lacquer used by gibson[citation needed] epiphone guitars assembled or made in the us use lacquer finishes, but those made outside of the us use a poly urethane finish because of pollution requirements. Use the guitar dater project ---disclaimer: the guitardater project does not keep serial # log files of epiphone products, it is simply a decoder program that uses the same codes keys as below to decifer the number entered by a user and as such it cannot verify the authenticity of any epiphone guitar. 's distractions/pleasures:Guitars: 2006 epiphone ebony g400, 1997 epiphone cherry sg junior, 2007 epiphone cherry dot, 1996 fender black mim traditional stratocaster, 2008 vm squier olympic white ssh telecaster, 2011 jackson gun metal gray js32r dinky (fr), 2014 gibson fireburst satin sgj, 2014 epiphone wildkat, 2015 xaviere xv-500 trans.

Epiphone Sheraton II • SN: 1211210080

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