Dating a younger man in your 20 s

dating a younger man in your 20's - .politicsworldbusinesstechhealthtime healthmottoentertainmentsciencenewsfeedlivingsportshistorythe time vaultmagazineideasparentstime labsmoneylifephotographyvideosthe goodstime shoppress roomthe 100 most influential peopleamerican voicesfinding homelongevity 2017looking forwardnext generation leadersperson of the year 2016top of the worldsubscribenewslettersfeedbackprivacy policyyour california privacy rightsterms of usead choicesrsstime appstime for kidsadvertisingreprints and permissionssite maphelpcustomer servicefollow timeshareshare on facebookpost on twitteremail this storyshare on redditshare on pinterestshare on linkedin.   then, no matter who you were in college — whether you were great with women, a great athlete or the smartest person in your class — you go out into the real world and realize that you’re at the bottom of the totem pole again. You get your ass kicked in your career, but some of you may not even find your career until you’re in your 30s, so all of what you are experiencing now is just one great lesson after another. Regardless, when you date in your late 20’s it’s crucial you are aware of the statistics of sti’s, their symptoms and first and foremost, that you are having safe sex.

Dating: 20s Vs. 30s

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