Dating a recovering prescription drug addict

dating a prescription drug addict - .then the fights got worse and for the good of the kids they went to live with the grandparents, and down hill it kept going, the house went under investigation and then we ended up loosing that house of course i fought as hard as a could but to no avil, she went to ta detox three times first she came out after completeing and was my wife again for about 3 hours then started using again, second time she walked out after 3 days 3rd time she came home because she was pregnant with another mans kid as i was snipped 5 years ago of course she will not admit that to me because "she can not hurt me like that", we got into a new house and things just kept on going then i lost my job because of all of this i could not function anymore and she was blaming me for everyting, then she walked out on me, for another meth addict/alcochlic right out of jail, there is much more to this but this is the highlights of it, now of course she says she is not coming back or being my wife again because of evrything that i put her and the kids through, i have no idea if this is really her talking or just the meth talking for her very confused and not sure what to do, in the mean time i am getting on with life working again and moving in with a buddy until i get back on my feet, but can not help wondering when she is going to come walking back into my life again. During the 2 years we were together he lied and manipulated to get over ,000 from me for crack, he lived for free with me never paying rent like promised, he denies ever cheating but i saw that he sexted girls, emailed escorts on craigslist, even had a gay hookup profile on a gay sex website which i saw chat history that he met up with men – although he states hes not bi or gay and only smoked crack with them, he stole from my household and children and pawned things for drugs, he smashed my phone when he was in drug induced psychosis, and the most recent hurtful thing he did was he joined pof two days after we broke up…. Have been married for almost 4 years now the wife has been an addict of meth for about as long although she hid it from me very well until she started injecting it that is when things really went to hell on a fast train, we had a great home and a great life i had my dream job our kids at our side we were on our way the future was really bright for us. So long as you know what to watch out for, work to ensure you’re both getting your needs met in healthy ways and reach out for help if you get in over your head – in other words, take the precautions you’d take in any romantic relationship – a recovering addict can be an excellent friend and partner.


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