Dating a guy lost interest

guy i was dating lost interest - It is probably not a big deal when it happens with one or two guys, but if this has been your experience with men over and over for several years or longer, it is hard to not take this personally and not start believing that there is something about you that turns men off and makes those men lose interest in you over and over. The very interesting fact that’s rarely mentioned about women is this: if you are not overweight – if your body is reasonably fit – chances are that unless there is some serious disfigurement in your face or body, you are probably attractive enough and sexually desirable to most guys, and now what really matters is your personality. You don’t have much to say, and if you don’t have too many interesting thoughts and observations to share, and you don’t know how to respond to what the guy you are seeing says, thinks and believes in, you are not going to keep a great guy’s interest for very long. If your first date blew you off your feet, your second date was beautifully romantic, your third was cute and fun, your fourth was wild and crazy, and then suddenly he's taking you to a fast food restaurant or swinging by for an hour to hit on you, he's not all that interested.

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