Brain gym hook up exercise

- Breaks: simple brain break puzzles to “spark” and awaken the brain for higher learningmat exercises: brain-building animal exercises for gross motor and higher learninglearning toys: the “wrong” toys for holding your child back and the “right” toys for building your child’s brainspatial awareness and locomotion activities for processing and attentionbean bags: the best bean bags for sensory, motor planning and visualjumping toys: toys to help your child learn how to jumpbalance and coordination activities for attention and focushand-eye coordination toys for better motor planning, executive functioning and learning developmentbody awareness activities for stronger proprioception and learning developmentmotor planning: poor motor planning leads to lack of confidence in the classroom. The child or student can’t do this exercise or if they place their same hand on their same knee, this is a sign they cannot cross the midline of their body and you may need to help them place their hand on the opposite knee until they are able to do it on their own. You can either begin by doing the exercises on your child while he is lying or sitting so he can feel how they should be done , or you can do the exercise and have your child copy you. Kay stresses that brain gym is not just for children with learning difficulties; it can help everyone,  even those who think they have perfectly normal brain function will find the exercises will help them perform even better.

Brain Gym Hook Ups

Child will sit on a chair and cross ankles, then extend both arms in front, crossing one wrist over the other, interlacing fingers and ...