Are teddy and spencer really dating

are teddy and spencer dating - (2013; good friends/ex-crushes/ex-boyfriend) beau is one of teddy's good friends they meet because bob gets beau to help him with a job because rats are on the loose at teddy's sleepover so beau helps bob and when beau and teddy see eachother they look at eachother sweatly and iike the love eachother then in charlie 4, toby 1 she helps beau break up with his girlfriend julie and she does help them and at the end of the episode they hug eachother and stare into eachother eyes and smile and when teddy does her video diary she said "now beau is single (and smiles)" then she said, "why am i smiling? The season 3 première, teddy suffers an injury to his leg from a falling bookcase during the earthquake and while it doesn't seem serious at first, he later learns that his tennis career is over and treats silver badly and shows up drunk to the senior party. Teddy and silver share an emotional farewell and silver says goodbye to teddy and shane one last time and they drive off into the sunset together in the season finale teddy sitting with silver and she asks teddy to have a baby with her. And teddy later reconcile and decide to join naomi and the rest of the gang on a trip to las vegas while in vegas, teddy realizes how different his life has become and how he will never meet society's expectations, making him depressed.

I'm Your's Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper/ Teddy & Spencer

I love this couple in Tv and they friendship out there, so i'm so happy they are together in real life :) Shane assumed they were ...