Are garcia and morgan dating 2016

garcia and morgan dating 2016 - The "making of" documentary for season three, vangsness stated that garcia's bullet injury was moved from her chest to her stomach between the episodes lucky and penelope since a chest injury would mean there would be a large scar on her chest for several following episodes that would require makeup and also meant that garcia wouldn't be able to show any cleavage. Jj joked that garcia belonged to that list when she unsuccessfully tried to hack the cia for information on princess diana's death and other alleged government conspiracies (namely, she found prince william's phone number, but couldn't find a pen to write it down before killing her computer). @lynne connolly, i'd be fine if they ended up as not officially a couple on the show, but not with other people (say goodbye savannah and kevin) and one of the final scenes shows morgan with his arm around garcia. Garcia is the bau's technical analyst and also the team's media liaison officer since jennifer jareau's promotion to supervisory special agent; the latter is a job that she formerly shared with aaron hotchner before his departure from the bau.