Adam zoekt eva dating show

adam trifft eva dating show - The first episode had 800,000 viewers, but, the novelty of naked butts, wears off very quickly, and what we are left with is yet another tedious reality show, featuring people who are desperate to be on tv at all costs, and a tv production company that has run out of ideas and is simply retreading yet another variant of big brother. Swiping through profiles on tinder, online dating, standing still in a packed bar and waiting for the aggressive dutch antelope to pounce, or going to an island off the coast of panama, being surrounded by a film crew and meeting your potential partner naked as the day you were born, welcome to adam zoekt eva. Yet, on adam zoekt eva, the first meeting of the couple takes place after they have swum to the island, and as well as standing in front of each other naked, they both haveā€¦. Replace adam zoekt eva, with utopia, big brother, de gouden kooi etc, etc, they are all experiments, in the desperation of people to do anything to be on tv.